Who is Pusa?

PUSA (Piret Bergmann(Torim))

The patterns and lines of Pusa’s paintings take you on a journey that tells the story of creation and anticipation, withering and blooming, purity and chaos. Of everything human. Everything that would make the viewer a better person or bring him back to the purest childishness. Although in their cheerful simplicity Pusa’s paintings may look like illustrations or decorative pictures, this is just a trick. They are like tiny pieces of a mosaic, the endless magic of life cannot be revealed just by looking at one painting; however, if we put all his creations together, we are faced with a bottomless journey inside, outside, and everything in between. Life makes a circle in his works, always coming back to the grassroots – continuing the same journey until new beginnings.

Pusa was born in Noarootsi in 1979 and graduated from the Pärnu College of the Estonian Academy of Arts, better known as the Academia Non Grata. Pusa works daily in Pärnu mainly as a painter and has presented his works in many individual and group exhibitions.

He has also written and illustrated several children’s books, the last one published in 2024 “Tähtsad täpid” (in collaboration with Helle Kirs). He has been awarded the Ants Laikmaa Young Artist Award (1998), the Estonian Cultural Foundation’s Pärnuma Cultural Artist Award (2008) and the Pärnu Art Annual Award (2011). Pusa is also a member of the Estonian Artists Union.